TASS Casual Sail

NOTE:  You must be 21 years of age to become a member of TASS and  participate in sails & races (including guest).

About Our sails

We offer  leisure day sails, crew training sails, moonlight sails, racing, and weekend sailing trips. Our TASS skippers will be at the helm of a chartered boats ranging from 20-50 feet in length, which typically accommodate 6-10 passengers.

TASS mission is to get people on the water sailing and is the most affordable venue for new sailors looking to gain experience at the helm prior to purchasing a boat. 

Our leisure sails require no prior sailing experience, therefore if you are looking for a day of adventure, relaxation and enjoying the beautiful Galveston Bay area in which we are fortunate to live, TASS sailing is a way to relax, observe, or jump in and take the helm, or anything in between.

TASS also sponsors Races and Regattas and you can find visiting our race page or by clicking HERE 

Sail Pricing

         Most affordable way to sail without owning a boat

Member / Non-Member

Leisure Day sail  $70   /  85

Moonlight sail $70    /  $85

         Training sail course dependent

*or as listed on the TASS event registration, subject to change

For more information, visit our FAQs page.

Guest and Members should read the Terms & Conditions document found in this link TandC.pdf prior to registration of your first sail or paid event.

Full Moon and Night Sails

On selected evenings TASS can be found taking advantage of the spectacular Setting of the Sun and rising of the Full Moon. You can also jump aboard one of the night sails and participate in the dazzling dance of the pyrotechnic display from the Kemah Boardwalk. Night sailing are made to capture the essence of these great moments. Take advantage of a night sail with TASS. Consult our Calendar for these scheduled sails and register early as they always sell out quickly.

Sail Registration

Ready to SAIL!  It is a easy as Ready - Set -Go.

The TASS CALENDAR is filled with activities and your passport to sailing.  

To register for a sail, just browse our Calendar and select the date you wish to SAIL AWAY!

TASS - Texas Association of Social Sailors - PO Box 27050 - Houston, TX 77227-7050   

Texas Association of Social Sailors (aka TASS) is a 501(c)6 non-profit organization. 

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