TASS   Carol Becker Woman's Regatta

Carol Becker Woman's Regatta


You are cordially invited to participate in the 2019 Annual Carol Becker Woman at the Helm Regatta on September 28, 2019. The regatta will be sailed on Upper Galveston Bay. This race features a Woman at the Helm during the entire race including the start preparation and start of the race.

The Regatta derives its name from the former Texas Association of Social Sailors TASS member and avid woman sailor Carol Becker who tragically lost her life in a boating accident on July 28, 1995. The Cup was a Deed of Gift to TASS in 1996 in recognition of the Woman at the Helm sailor exhibiting excellence in sportsmanship and proficient sailing skills in accordance to the TASS Race sailing rules set forth in the NOR. This tradition has been carried forward for the past 23 years with women racers enthusiastically participating and celebrating the spirit of Carol and racing. This year as TASS embraces WOMEN IN SAILING, we hope that you will join us in the Regatta and After-Race celebration.

The After-Race Party is dedicated to our vibrant colorful Buzz Lay who was also lost in the boating accident with Carol. Buzz was known in the TASS circle as the “Drum Beater of all Things Fun”, and most often seen at events with the brightest and craziest neckties imaginable. Hence, there is no other way to celebrate Buzz than to TIE ONE ON. The After-Race Party theme Tie One On For Buzz will once again hold the best tie worn contest in his honor. The regatta and party are how TASS chooses to celebrate those bright stars in the distant sky for our friends.

Below is the link for extended information related to the Race & Party. Please take the time to download and read the announcement. As we have updated we will post future announcements here.

CB Announcement 2.0.pdf

Event Registration Links Below

Register your boat for the regatta from this link Closing @ 1900 hrs on Sept 27th                                                            Boat Registration

TASS Carol Becker Woman's Regatta - Sailing Instructions Club Handicap

TASS Carol Becker Woman's Regatta - Sailing Instructions PHRF Non-Spin

After Race Party Registration Requires by all attendees - Deadline Sept. 24,2019     Registration Closed

TASS Charter Boat Race Crew Registation                                                               #1 & #2 TASS Charter Race Boats are Closed

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Carol Becker Regatta Winners

 1996Margaret McCord Blyth Spirit
 1997Cheryl Movillo  Salsa
1998 Cheryl Movillo  
 1999Tammy Vincent  
 2000Tammy Vincent  
 2002Tanja Sanchez  
 2003Lisa Miller Sabani 
2004 Lisa MIller  
2005 Lisa Ottmiller Sabani 
 2007Melissa Roedel Astarte 
2008 Lisa Ottemiller Big D 
2010 Lisa Ottemiller -Cheryl Movillo Asarte 
2011 Patty Hoffman  
 2012Vicki Balum Little Bit o Sol 
 2015Patty Hoffman Freedom 
 2016Cheryl Movillo Astarte 
2017 Cheryl Movillo Astarte 
 2018Nancy Welch Mischief 

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