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2024 Carol Becker Women's Regatta


Join us for the 2024 Annual Carol Becker Women's Regatta [Woman at the Helm], set to take place on Saturday, April 20, 2024. This thrilling event will unfold on Upper Galveston Bay, spotlighting the prowess of women sailors at the helm from start to finish. Co-ed crews are enthusiastically welcomed to join in the excitement. This year's Carol Becker Women's Regatta will feature three race classes: PHRF non-spinnaker, PHRF Spinnaker, and Club Handicap Rating non-spinnaker. Moreover, this regatta doubles as a qualifying event for the Galveston Bay Women's Championship.

Following the race, at approximately 1800 hours, an Awards presentation will be held, along with the Tie One On For Buzz Crazy Tie Contest. (see the calendar for location and details for the party).

The regatta honors the memory of Carol Becker, a passionate female sailor and former member of the Texas Association of Social Sailors (TASS), who tragically lost her life in a boating accident on July 28, 1995. The Cup, established as a Deed of Gift to TASS in 1996, acknowledges the excellence in sportsmanship and sailing skills demonstrated by the Woman at the Helm, in accordance with the TASS Race sailing rules outlined in the NOR. This tradition has persevered for 28 years, with female racers eagerly participating and embodying the spirit of Carol and the sport.

TASS remains committed to promoting WOMEN IN SAILING, and we cordially invite you to be a part of this inspiring regatta.

After the regatta, a traditional after-race award presentation and party will be held in honor of Buzz Lay, a vibrant personality lost in the same boating accident as Carol. Known as the "Drum Beater of all Things Fun" within the TASS community, Buzz was often seen at events sporting the most colorful and extravagant neckties imaginable. To pay tribute to Buzz's spirit, participants are encouraged to wear the wildest ties they can find at the after-race party!

2024 Carol Becker Women's Regatta NOR

Carol Becker Regatta Winners 1996 to 2022

 1996 Margaret McCord  Blyth Spirit
 1997 Cheryl Movillo   Salsa
1998  Cheryl Movillo   
 1999 Tammy Vincent   
 2000 Tammy Vincent   
 2002 Tanja Sanchez   
 2003 Lisa Miller  Sabani 
2004  Lisa MIller   
2005  Lisa Ottmiller  Sabani 
 2007 Melissa Roedel  Astarte 
2008  Lisa Ottemiller  Big D 
2010  Lisa Ottemiller -Cheryl Movillo  Asarte 
2011  Patty Hoffman   
 2012 Vicki Balum  Little Bit o Sol 
 2015 Patty Hoffman  Freedom 
 2016 Cheryl Movillo  Astarte 
2017  Cheryl Movillo  Astarte 
 2018 Nancy Welch  Mischief 

Nicole Laster  - PHRF Non-Spinnaker 

Meade LeBlanc  - Club Handicap

Bad Girl 

Two Thumbs Up


Nancy Welch - PHRF Non Spinnaker 

Nancy Kahlden - Club Handicap




Nancy Kahlden - Club Handicap

Heather Patterson - PHRF Non Spinnaker

Andrea Zaite - PHRF Spinnaker





Thao Nguyen - Club Handicap 

Christine Lusk - PHRF-Non-Spinnaker

Haley Walker - PHRF - Spinnaker



Student Driver


Lisa Penn - Club Handicap

Francesca Flores - PHRF - Non-Spinnaker

Elizabeth Quintanilla - PHRF - Spinnaker

Sloop Dog

Alive & Free



Lisa Penn - Club Handicap

Christine Lusk- PHRF - Non-Spinnaker

Bon Bon - PHRF - Spinnaker

Sloop Dog


Megen Mutlu 


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