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Becoming a TASS skipper offers an incredibly rewarding and enjoyable experience. I encourage anyone with a passion for sailing, a desire to expand their knowledge, and an interest in sharing that knowledge with others to consider becoming a TASS skipper. Initiating the process to earn your skipper credentials is simple: start by submitting your skipper application to the vice commodore.

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  Andrew Clark   832-542-1121 Andrew has been a valued member of TASS since 1999, contributing significantly by holding various positions on the TASS Board. Renowned as an accomplished sailor and racer, he is widely recognized for generously dedicating his time to imparting the craft to new sailors. Andrew is also known for opening up crew seats on his cherished vessel, the Oxbow, showcasing his passion for fostering camaraderie and skill development within the sailing community.

 Bill Brown  281-543-5964 Since becoming a TASS member in 1999, Bill has played a pivotal role within our community. Throughout the years, he has actively contributed by serving in diverse board positions. Notably, Bill has established himself as a seasoned skipper-trainer, dedicating substantial time to imparting invaluable training and sailing techniques to fellow members. His longstanding commitment has greatly enriched our sailing community, making him a respected and integral member of TASS.

Cliff Mainor


Cliff joined the TASS skipper team in August, 2023. His extensive sailing resume demonstrates a lifetime of sailing skills and love for the sport. He earned his water wings in Miami at age 7 on Optimist Dingy’s and Lasers, honed his skills through sailing competitively on Lightnings and the family 24’ sloop. While attending West Point, he sailed competitively on 420’s. Cliff spent many years as (Captain and crew) sailing with family on Lake Norman and Neuse River/Pamlico Sound in N. Carolina, on the North Shore of Long Island on his grandfather’s Outlaw 26 sloop, and various bareboat charters in the San Juans and the Virgin Islands. Cliff has passed his certification tests and is applying for his Captain’s license with the U.S. Coast Guard.

“My ambition, beyond skippering for TASS and sailing competitively in the Galveston Bay area, is to ultimately purchase and fit-out a sailing cat within the next 2-3 years for a 10-year circumnavigation tour”.

cliff.mainor@outlook.com . 
   Dan Arcy +1.713.851.8634 Dan has always had a passion for boating and has owned both power and sail boats. He grew up in Iowa and started sailing when he was in high school. After graduating college and moving to Texas in 1987, he worked for over 30 years in the oil/energy industry. Dan retired at the end of 2020 and joined TASS soon after so he could continue to feed his passion. He enjoys both relaxing leisure sails as well as the competition of a good race! Dan.Arcy@gmail.com
   Kirk Dunham  281-687-5302 Welcome to the 2021 Skipper Team, Kirk. Kirk joined TASS in 2019. Learned to sail while attending Texas Maritime Academy, primarily on Lasers and other small craft. Crewed on race boats in Galveston Bay. Recently renewed interest in sailing. Worked on the water or waterfront as Merchant Marine deck officer 17 years and Marine Surveyor for 25+ years. Holds a USCG Unlimited Master’s License (inactive) and recently completed ASA 101, 103, & 104. Enjoys watching people get hooked on sailing.    2kirkd@gmail.com
  Emily Farris

  Gavin Gerondale 713-449-3017

Gavin has a passion for teaching and enjoys sharing his love of sailing. Educated as a young boy on a Melges C-Scow in Port Washington, Wisconsin on Lake Michigan he has since sailed on and off for five decades competing nationally in J105, J24 fleets - registered ISAF World Sailor, NauticEd Bareboat Charter Master, US Sailing Certified Instructor, USCG 50 Ton Masters License with Auxiliary Sail Endorsement. 

As a retired Optometrist and college professor Gavin brings both business and academic experience to now being a Merchant Mariner. He's a licensed private pilot and cultivates other hobbies and interests but always seems to return to sailing. 



   Jay Leggett  713-459-0094 Jay joined TASS in 1999 and has been a pivotal figure in the organization's leadership. Having served as Commodore on the board for an impressive eight terms, Jay exemplifies unwavering dedication and leadership qualities. His contributions include a rich and diverse log of experiences, marked by numerous sailing expeditions within the mainland US and internationally. Jay's unique background adds a valuable dimension to TASS, enriching the community with his wealth of sailing knowledge and international sailing expertise.   jrleggett@gmail.com
   John Klumb  713-412-7693 John, one of our most accomplished skipper/sailors, discovered his way to the TASS tribe in 2009. With a rich history in sailing, he has owned several boats, and his navigation log spans from racing to extensive long-haul trips, both within the US and internationally. Beyond his impressive sailing achievements, John has actively contributed to the TASS community by serving on the TASS Board. Currently, he holds the esteemed position of TASS Race Czar, showcasing his ongoing commitment to the organization and passion for promoting sailing excellence.




   Mark Langley  281-352-4779 Mark stands out as one of our esteemed international sailors, having navigated the seven seas and explored the far reaches of the earth. His expertise extends to being one of our proficient navigators, particularly relishing the role of skippering our full moon sails. A dedicated member since 1988, Mark's significant contributions include serving as a past commodore. Renowned for his exceptional skills, he holds a US Coast Guard 100 Ton Master's License, reflecting his commitment to excellence and safety in sailing.
   Steve Morrison 713.884.7045

Steve, a TASS member since 2021, reignited his sailing passion. Initially learning from McQuade Sea Adventures in 1993, he sailed at the Houston Sailing Association until 1998. After raising his family, Steve owned a CAL 33 from 2018 to 2021 but sold it due to distance constraints. Joining TASS revitalized his enthusiasm, leading to multiple TASS sails and crewing on Leopard 45-50' vessels in various international locations. Working in the oil and gas industry, Steve loves sharing his sailing passion, looking forward to retirement with his wife, Michele, and spending more time making memories while sailing.

   Mike Vaughan  281-300-6346 Mike has been an integral part of TASS since 1998, contributing as a former board member and Fleet Director. His sailing journey commenced as a scout, and akin to many of our skilled skippers, he has navigated waters both within the US and internationally. After years of being a dedicated member, Mike chose to give back to TASS, taking on the role of a skipper in 2017. His commitment and experience continue to enrich the TASS community, embodying the spirit of giving back and fostering a love for sailing.
 Nancy Welch  713-504-4674

Introducing Nancy, a distinguished and talented female skipper and dedicated member since 2007. Throughout her sailing journey, Nancy has achieved remarkable milestones, including an Atlantic crossing with an all-female crew and numerous racing accolades. Her leadership abilities shine as she consistently assembles successful all-female crews, securing 1st place regatta honors in prestigious events like the LYC Harvest Moon Regatta and HYC Mermaid Regatta here in Texas.

Though officially retired from her classroom, Nancy, like many teachers, never truly retires. You'll often find her on the TASS sailing instructor roster, sharing her expertise with others. Beyond her sailing prowess, Nancy is a fervent advocate for female sailors, actively encouraging women to explore and embrace the sport. If you're enthusiastic about experiencing the thrill of sailing, join Nancy and become part of the adventure!

   Patrick Spoor  682-225-1953 A member of TASS since 2013 Patrick has been an avid skipper, navigator. In addition to skipper, Patrick has served on our board as Fleet Director.  

 Roy Bowers  281-825-8197

Roy, more than a skipper, generously volunteers his time to teach new sailors the intricacies of navigation, vessel handling, and sailing skills. With years of accumulated knowledge, he enhances the skills of both members and non-members at the helm of TASS Casual sails. As a past board member since 2005, Roy's commitment and dedication foster a love for sailing, contributing significantly to our vibrant and supportive community at TASS.

   Urs Rathgeb  713-962-5992

Urs joined TASS in 2016 and swiftly became a TASS skipper in 2017. Growing up sailing on Lake Constance in Switzerland, he navigated Lasers and the family cabin cruiser. While still in Switzerland, Urs embarked on several cruises, exploring the Mediterranean, the Baltic, and the North Sea. In 1997, upon relocating to the US, Urs sailed on the Columbia River in Portland, OR, crewed on J-24's in the Staten Island Sound in New Jersey, and eventually settled in Houston to sail the Galveston Bay.

Urs finds joy in participating in the annual LYC Harvest Moons Regattas, having successfully raced seven times, with three notable victories crewing for outstanding boats. Holding ASA sailing certifications ranging from 101 to 106, Urs is a seasoned sailor. Currently, he serves as the Commodore for TASS, bringing his passion for sailing and extensive experience to the forefront of our community.







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