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Women's Basic Crew Training I 06-2021

The first ever TASS All Women's Sail Training was a hit!  Nancy and I had four amazing participants, Barb, Jane, Elizabeth, and Patti.  They were eager to learn and oh how...learning occurred. 

The weather was perfect at 80 degrees and winds were 10-13 kias.  They were able to participate in positions as helmsman, mainsheet trimmer and jib trimmer.  We also discussed sail positions, right-of-way, and man overboard drills plus more.

Was a great experience for all.  Looking forward to the next sail with these fabulous ladies.

Skipper Emily & Nancy

Comments from our Sailing Crew:

 The women's training was fantastic. The instructors were extremely knowledgeable and helpful. I learned a lot of new things and loved the fact that it was all women. I highly recommend it for any women who actually want to be more involved in the sails. Great job Nancy and Emily!

Hands On Training

We provide hands-on training  on the water, as well as on land. Our course offerings include beginner, intermediate, and advanced crew training with classroom style lectures and hands on sails. TASS skippers are qualified in sailing skills, have experienced crew on board, and have been approved by the TASS Board to serve as skippers for TASS club-chartered sails.

Courses are held throughout the year and scheduled by the Vice Commodore.  

We welcome suggestions for courses that you would like to see available.

For more information or to send your suggestion for a course, please email our Vice Commodore.

To sign up for a sail, just browse our Calendar and select a sail!  Learn more about events and training's by attending one of our weekly meetings.

*Disclaimer, courses are not ASA certified.


Basic Sail Training I & II Classes hosted by TASS

Have you ever wanted to go sailing but feel that you do not have experience or access to a sail boat? Have you been out on the water on a sailboat, and wanted to learn more about taking an active role during sailing and be more than just a passenger?

TASS (Texas Association of Social Sailors) is offering a chance to learn some of the basics, and to see if sailing is the right activity for you in a fun, relaxed setting, without having to invest in a boat or take expensive lessons at a sailing school.  This is also an ideal opportunity to invite friends who always wanted to go sailing, but felt they first wanted to acquire some basic skills.

Announcing the TASS Basic Sail Training Schedule 2021



Class Level

How to register



June 6

Basic Sail Training I -Women Only




June 27

Basic Sail Training II -Women Only

Register HERE




Aug. 29

Basic Sail Training I - Co-Ed

Register HERE



Sept. 12

Basic Sail Training II - Co-Ed

Register HERE


 Note:  Classes limited to 4 participants – encourage to register early, also if class is full place your name on the waitlist

Note:  Classes limited to 4 participants – encourage to register early, also if class is full place your name on the waitlist

Class Description

The “Basic Crew Training I” is intended to introduce beginners or individuals who have sailed a few times as guests into the basics of sailing as an active member of the crew.  A couple of hours in the classroom in the morning will make participants familiar with the principles why sailboats move, and cover essential boat knowledge, and boating safety.  This is followed by an afternoon session on the water, which will get attendees some hands-on experience.  You will actively participate in getting under way, setting sails, trimming the sails according to course as well as basic maneuvers, and at the end safely docking the boat.  All participants will get to work different crew positions, including steering.

The Basic Crew Training II” will build on the topics covered in the first session.  While participation in the basic crew training I, is not a requirement, attendees should have some basic sailing knowledge to join this more advanced crew training.  The classroom portion in the morning will cover basic navigation and right of way principles, as well as essential knots.  In the afternoon on the water, we will cover some more advanced sail trim, advanced maneuvering, and anchoring.  Once again, it will be ensured that everyone on the boat will get hands-on experience on all positions to hone their skills.

After these two classes, you should feel right at home on any sailboat, and you will be able to actively participate in the operation of the boat as a crew member.

Both training sessions are lead by our experienced skippers who will jointly act as instructors during these classes.  Since we want to make certain that everyone will be able to actively participate during the time on the water, the number of people on the boat will be limited.

The cost to TASS-Members is $65.00, to Non-Members $80.00.  A sandwich lunch, water and class materials are included. 

Details can be found on the TASS Calendar of events on the web at sailtass.com.  

Registration in advance is required via our online calendar.

Questions, email vice-commodore@sailtass.com

Sailing Safety Training

May 5th - Mark Shield a retired member of the Coast Guard Auxiliary, and skipper on Cape Area VFD Rescue Boat and long-time TASS member was our instructor for the Sailing Safety Training.

He covered topics ranging from  US Coast Guard and Coast Guard Auxiliary - Mission and Responsibilities to the Man Over Board Process.

We had over 20 people attend this training with positive feedback on the value of the training to us as sailors. 

If you missed the training, we are making his materials and links to the important videos available in the TASS Document Library for reference.  

If you have not taken advantage of TASS training, be sure to watch our calendar schedule. Typically training are FREE for members and a small fee to guest.

Training Documents are visible to Members Only and you must log into your membership account to access the documents.

NOTE: Slide presentation training document must be downloaded to fun and display videos.

Training Documents

Women Crew Training

WOMEN'S EXCLUSIVE - Basic Crew Training with Skipper Nancy Welch

All woman basic training course with Skipper Nancy Welch as our instructor and this elite group of women takk to the water like ducks.  This was a great learning experience as beginners received the basics in classroom and on-board hand-on training. 

This crew will progress to the Crew II All Women's training if desired.

We are planning co-ed Basic Crew & Crew II training also.

Be sure to watch for announcements in the BLAST and on the calendar for upcoming dates.

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