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Take a tour with TASS. Explore our Saturday Sail Schedule, Race Events and Social gatherings.  We have weekly meetings open to all  listed on our calendar. The button below links to our membership application page. JOIN NOW!


Summer is Here

Summer always brings travel to TASS and this year travel has been abundant. The list keeps growing. For the latest on the BVI's and all summer trips you can view our photo highlights including Galveston Bay Sail China Trip, New England Sail. Members off exploring foreign countries and sharing experiences, sites and fun.

Check out our Travel Page for travel photo highlights.

Training - Sailing and CPR

TASS will be conducting a series of training's. For the full schedule and training agenda's check the events calendar with details on registration. links below

Crew Training I   August 11

Crew Training II  October 13

CPR First Aid     November 11


August Race


TASS home base is located in Houston, TX. We have two meeting locations: Houston and Seabrook / Kemah area.

meeting locations

TASS - Texas Association of Social Sailors - PO Box 27050 - Houston, TX 77227-7050   

Texas Association of Single Sailors (aka TASS) is a 501(c)7 non-profit organization. 

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