Race Results 2019

2019 Race Results

Race Winner Skipper
 March 16 Crazy Irishman Chase Astarte Cheryl Morvillo
 April 25 April Fool's ChallengeSea Lady Kevin & Hope DeNicola
 May 11 Spring Fling Challenge CanceledCanceled Mother Nature
 June 22 Flip Flop ChallengeBlue Horizon Urs Rathgeb
 August 17 Explorer Race Astarte Cheryl Morvillo
 September 26 Carol Becker Women's Regatta PHRFBad Girl Nicole Laster
  Carol Becker Women's Regatta Club HandicapTwo Thumbs Up  Meade LeBlanc
 November 14 Commodore's Cup - (Drifted Completion) Astarte Cheryl Morvillo

Commodore's DRIFT

We started in about 6-8 knots of wind from a north easterly direction, however, after the first boats had rounded the first mark upwind, the wind completely died down. The two leading boats, ASTARTE and NIGHTWIND, drifted next to each other all the way to and around the H-Mark, which provided welcome opportunities for trash-talk between the two boats, whenever one of them picked up a temporary little breeze and moved ahead. Only one more boat, Andiamo, made it around the first mark, before John called the race at approximately 2 pm. Nevertheless, it was a beautiful few hours on the water, and while it was cool initially as we went out on the bay, it warmed up gradually.

Since the race was abandoned, there is no “official” ranking, and the race will not be counted for the 2019 Commodore’s Cup award. Nevertheless, trophies were awarded for those crews who drifted the furthest by the time the competition was called.

Flip Flop Fete

Race Czar John Klumb once again challenged us with the “slalom course” and provided the skipper and crews with the option to sail them clockwise or counter clockwise. Like the previous two races this season, there was no lack of wind, and it blew at 15 knots with gust to 18-20 knots out of South to Southwest.

It turned out that the better direction to go this time was counter-clockwise. The advantage of choosing that route was even more pronounced since the two boats that chose to sail clockwise (Astarte and Nightwind), encountered a strong squall killing the wind completely for a while, while Blue Horizon had already passed that area earlier, and was completely unaffected.    

1st Place - Blue Horizon (Charter Boat)

2nd Place - Astarte

3rd Place - Nightwind (Charter Boat)

Crazy Irishman's Chase

Finishing in the Jamesons, 1st place Astarte with Mark Langley at the helm, 2nd place Night Wind with Jay Leggett and crew and 3rd plce OxBow, Andrew Clark and his merry crew of 1. Great race by all.

April Fools Challange

The April Fool’s Challenge proved to be the race this year with unexpected Fool's Challanges. Nightwind with the charter crew and skipper Jay Legget finished the course first, followed by Oxbow, skippered by Andrew Clark and then Sea Lady, skippered by Kevin DeNicola.

But …

After all, this was the April Fool’s Challenge, and things are not what they seem, and the real ranking was hidden inside the trophy … Jay, as the skipper for the fastest team was allowed to choose his team’s trophy first, Unfortunately, Andrew was not present during the ceremony, so he was left with the leftover choice.


Women Go Sailing

April 6th was the Annual Mermaid Regatta sponsored by HYC Women's Sailing Association

TASS entered 3 race teams with all women crews. Mischief & Night Wind entered the Club Boat Handicap and Astatre entered PHRF non-spin class. The Regatta had 13 all female crew board in total participate from as far away as Louisiana and Galveston

TASS had a brilliant showing with Astarte taking 3rd place and Mischief for the 2nd year in a row taking 1st place in each boats respective class. Night Wind's new crew did well and we are positive they will return next year.

Thank you Babs Bukowski for your dedication to women in sailing and all the work you did to make this another year of Mermaid Racing success.

Enjoy the photos from a very fun exciting race day on Galveston Bay. 


No pictures to show


Icicle Race Series

January and February gave us some great racing with GBCA. Along side the TASS charter boat, Astarte, Escape Hatch and Ox-Bow participated and TASS members crewed on boats Stella of Course, Hobgoblin and Lazz. The field was competitive with upward 60 boats participating some weeks.

In the end there was a WINNER - Astarte took the honors overall with their outstanding skipper Cheryl and her crew.  Congratulation to Astarte and all the TASS participants for braving the chill. 

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