TASS Carol Becker Woman's Regatta

Regatta Results

Non-Spinnaker PHRF

Boat Name
 Finish Time

 1 Nicole Laster
 Bad Girl

 2 Cheryl Morvillo
 Astarte 15:19:48

 3 Bridget Scheib
 Student Driver

 4 Elizabeth Wheeler
 Water Nymph 3 15:20:47

 5 Andrea Zaite
 WooHoo 15:24:00

 6 Cyndi McDermott
 Hobgoblin 15:28:38

 7 Emily Farris
 Blue Horizon

Non-Spinnaker Club Handicap

Boat Name
 Finish Time

 1 Meade LeBlanc Two Thumbs Up 15:27:00

 2 Nancy Welch Mischief 15:27:26

 3 Joanne Moschella
 Bright Spot

 4 Susan Levy
 Nirvana Did Not Finish (DNF)

Replay Regatta on RaceQs

You can follow this link http://raceqs.com/regattas/73010 to replay the race.

A couple of notes:

  • The link references the Club Handicap class, but all boats that have uploaded their tracks will show
  • If your boat does not show, you will first need to upload your track.  You can do so by selecting "Tracks" when in raceQs on your phone, then select the track created during Saturday's race, and choose upload.  After that, your boat should be included in the replay (give it a few minutes)

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