What year did you join TASS

11 Jul 2018 6:19 PM | Thann Dauterive (Administrator)

Hi to all past and active TASS sailors.  When you post to the blog, please be sure to share the year you joined TASS. and any board service you contributed. Make sure you include your name too PLEASE!

for example I will sign off and say:

Thann Dauterive- AKA TR La Mare - joined 2016 - Board Member Co-Social 2016 - Membership 2017 - Social Media 2018


  • 31 Jul 2018 7:08 AM | Lois Geyer
    Lois Geyer - joined 1984 - Board Member - social 1985 & 1995
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    • 1 Aug 2018 12:22 AM | Anonymous
      Lois has planned many, many TASS activities over the past 34 years as a very active member of TASS. She is a very dedicated member and has been a mainstay and anchor of this club from the beginning. No one knows more about TASS than Lois. Thank you Lois for all that you have done for TASS.
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    • 12 Jan 2019 11:56 AM | Melanie Morin
      I joined in 1999, I will register for event
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    • 4 Feb 2019 5:27 PM | Seth Collin
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  • 19 Aug 2018 12:30 PM | Urs Rathgeb
    I just joined a couple of years ago in 2016, but already have enjoyed many sails with TASS. I love being an active part of the organization and am the current Vice Comodore.
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  • 19 Aug 2018 1:15 PM | Anne (Raines) Hayden
    Anne (Raines) Hayden - joined 1986 - Several board positions before becoming Commodore (Aug. '88 - Jan. '90).
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  • 20 Aug 2018 1:04 AM | Jo Susa
    I attended the very first TASS meeting (June 1984) and just about every meeting for the first 5 yrs. Guess that makes me a Charter Member. Commodore 1984-1986. I’m both amazed and proud that TASS has continued to be such a great organization. I’ve enjoyed attending every reunion/anniversary and am looking forward to the next one in May.
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  • 7 Sep 2018 12:17 AM | Richard Perkins
    Joined TASS in 1989 - Board Member - Commodore Jan. -July, 1994 - Enjoyed trips to Guadeloupe in 2013, Greece in 2015, British Virgin Islands in 2016, & Sicily and Italy in 2017. No experience to be a TASS member...TASS has plenty of members to teach you about sailing and how to enjoy life! Come on aboard if you are not already a member!
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  • 22 Sep 2018 7:04 AM | Nancy Kahlden
    I joined TASS in 2000 and served as Secretary with Commodores Sean O'Brien and Jan Buskop and Vice-Commodore with Jay Leggett. I have skippered charter boats in the Chesapeake and Sicily and sailed with TASS in Greece, Norway, Croatia, and San Francisco. I have so many wonderful friends, experiences and memories because of TASS.
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  • 5 Nov 2018 7:39 AM | Carolyn Rogers
    Carolyn Rogers-joined February 1991.
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  • 8 Jan 2019 6:38 PM | Denise Parsons
    Denise Parsons, joined in the spring of 1987, met Rocky Parsons in December of 1987 and life was never the same. No board positions but we did host a couple of fun parties at Oak Island.
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  • 13 Jan 2019 11:05 AM | Sharron Sims
    Joined 1985. Social Director 1986. Favorite memories are the Memorial Day weekend trips to Freeport and the Halley's comet camping trip at Lake Texana.
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  • 6 Mar 2019 12:41 PM | Anonymous
    Joined Tass in 1992. Social Director around 1998 & continued chairperson for Christmas party for 2 years. Coordinated the Memorial weekend in Freeport for around 5 years. Participated in many trips, BVI's, Martinique, Croatia, Italy, San Francisco many times. Maine. raced my Cal 31 for several years. Made such wonderful friendships over the years.
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  • 1 May 2019 7:28 PM | Steve Budde
    Steve Budde - joined 1984 - Skipper - met Deborah in 1987 in TASS - Fleet coordinator - cruised 11 years on S/V ARGO

    Deborah (Debbie) Reichert - joined 1986 - Skipper - met Steve in 1987 in TASS - cruised 11 years on S/V ARGO
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  • 16 May 2019 5:25 PM | Hope DeNicola
    I joined TASS in 2002 and it was Sean Obrien's fault. He mentioned it at the Ski Club meetings and I said "I'm not that desperate to join a singles club!" Went to the first meeting and was treated so fabulous and was ready to get back on the water and sail!. Best thing I ever did was go to City Streets! The rest is history!
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