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While trips outside the Gulf of Mexico are not typically sponsored by TASS, some of our members frequently organize charter boat sailing trips and invite like-minded sailors to share the adventure.

TASS members have traveled to and sailed around some fabulous destinations like Greece, Italy, Spain, New Zealand, various Caribbean islands, Galapagos Islands, Croatia, Ireland, San Francisco, Key West, Maine, and Chesapeake Bay, Alaska.China. Photo highlights can be found HERE.

Sailing trip coordinators organize, publicize, and recruit for their individual trips. Interested participants should contact either the trip coordinator or someone planning to skipper a charter boat in order to learn more or sign up.

Prices for each trip vary based on location, boat amenities, and number of participants.  TASS members: watch for trip details in  TOPSIDER News Letters and TASS Blast newsletters, or log in to view upcoming trips posted on the Member Area Calendar.

2018 Trips

August 17 -26       Bahamas 

July 22 - 28           BVI's

June 23 - 30       New England Trip

June 15 - 30    China

May 26-28           Memorial Day Sail to Galveston

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